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We are one of the leading Licensed manufacturers of bespoke kitchen and bathrooms in Essex. Specialize in Kitchen Worktops Dartford. Over the last 10 years we have been delivering our quality and experience. 
We can do everything from templating, installation and after sale services. 
Projects as small as windowsills, bathroom vanity basins, shower cladding/panels, kitchen worktops to large commercial jobs




Kitchen Worktops Dartford & Essex

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We are usually 25% cheaper than Wren Kitchens,
30% cheaper than Magnet and B & Q, with full range of solid surface color scale unlike other showrooms with limited 10 solid surface colors. We can manage whole installation of your kitchen and bathroom projects in Chelmsford and surrounding villages.

Why choose Tech Tops?

We have been in business over ten years supplying solid surfaces to twelve kitchen, Kitchen Worktops Dartford and bathroom showrooms in Essex,  and beyond, as well as many independent installers and designers.

We are approved manufacturers of Corian, Tristone and many other high quality solid surface materials.

We go above and beyond to ensure your project exceeds your expectations. Our long term experience ensures we make the best of our material that meets strict standard criteria and is finished ready to go into your home or property with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

All our fabricators and fitters are highly trained and very experienced. Our team has been with us for a long time. So long in fact that we are more of a family now. The Tech Tops family. Call now to arrange your free quote and consultation and become part of the family too!

Reasons To Choose Us

         • Quotation in 24hrs
       • 10 working days installation from template
       • free quotation and no obligation to buy
       • free sample services
       • complete design and installation of kitchens available only in Essex 

Coverage Areas

Bishop’s Strotford
Safron Walden
Bury St Edmunds


Please have a look at our quallity workmanship that
we endevour to produce on all our projects


There are many solid surfaces suppliers. We have selected only the very best materials to use:

Corian, Tristone, LG HiMacs, Samsung Staron, Granite/Quartz


Established in 1967 Corian became instantly popular in the clinical health department and shortly after this became popular with design for its endless possibilities. Corian is made using natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer as in other solid surfaces. With Corian you get 10 Year Limited manufacturers warranty backed by Dupont. Corian comes in range of 80 colours

Corian is: High resistant, Temperature resistant, Versatile, Hygienic, Safe, Environmentally friendly


Made from acrylic composite and sharing similar amenities to the abouve. Tristone acrylic solid surface material is a superb way to product quality worktop at a rate which is very competitively priced. Tristone comes in over 30 colour.

LgHimacs Staron

LgHimacs solid surface offer all the benefits of stone based materials however HiMacs is 100% hygienic with all the other features of the products above. They have the biggest colour range with over 100 colors to choose from and are widely used in the commercial sector.


Staron has the same manufacturing process as LgHimacs. Made by Samsung, their aim is to have the highest quality material as they do with their electronic technology. Staron has been on the market for fifteen years and seventeen of their colors are made from 100% recycled materials. Staron comes in over 80 colours.

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